Ebony Street Whore With A Very Fine Ass

Duration: 21m, 46s, Starring Chyna-T, Deep Threat

(502 Votes)

Bald headed black stud Deep Threat will fuck any bitch, as long as she's got a great ass! The sexy street hooker that he picks up and takes home today isn't the prettiest girl in the world, but he's not looking at her face - he only has eyes for her derriere! She parades around the living room for him, popping up the back of her skirt to reveal a fat booty that is just begging to be plundered by the hung pimp. He pulls his penis out of his jeans and points to it, and she compliantly starts to suck on it, not even asking him to put on a condom. She's got a hot little mouth and an even hotter pussy, making Deep shoot his hot load quick!

Chunky Aymee Austin Pumped From The Back

Duration: 19m, 56s, Starring Aymee Austin, Deep Threat

(470 Votes)

A lot of guys only like skinny girls, but porn stud Deep Threat loves them chunky! He is rock hard as soon as ebony slut Aymee Austin strips off, showing off a sagging pair of tits and a big booty that is just the right size for riding Deep's pole. She is also super slutty, licking her lips hungrily when Deep pulls out his erect penis and then swallowing it almost right down to the balls! She would be happy just sucking that dick all day, but Deep doesn't just want her mouth - he wants to ride that phat ass! The doggystyle is definitely the highlight of this black on black vid, with Aymee slapping her buttocks against her man's shaft.

Kitt Katt Shows Off Her Glorious Booty

Duration: 15m, 4s, Starring Kitt Katt, Dwayne Cummings

(557 Votes)

Big booty slut Kitt Katt really knows how to show off for the camera! She gets straight down to business on the black pole of stud Dwayne Cummings, kneeling on the carpet in front of him and bobbing her head up and down on his groin. She knows just how to stick out her ass to maximum effect - if you saw her bending over like that, you would really have to hold herself back from tearing down her knickers and sodomizing her right then and there! She gleefully continues to look into the camera as she rides the dick, arching her back as she takes the full length of the pole in to her depths and leaning forward to rub her tits in Dwayne's face.

Big Booty Amateur Takes Amazing Facial

Duration: 21m, 26s, Starring Dwayne Cummings

(1588 Votes)

Veteran porn stud Dwayne Cummings has got himself a hot, big booty amateur babe who wants to break into the porn scene. In time-honored fashion she has to perform a casting audition, proving that she has got what it takes to make it in this competitive industry. She kneels shyly in between Dwayne's legs, the back of her short lingerie skirt hitching up to reveal her sexy buttocks. She soon loses her inhibitions, deep-throating Dwayne's massive pole like a pro and then taking it all the way in to her tight, charmingly hairy pussy. She is surprisingly tight - it's obvious that not many big black cocks have gone up this ebony hole before!

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