Disproportionately Large Ass On Beautiful Black Slut Mya

Duration: 25m, 57s, Starring Mya, Rico Strong

(1197 Votes)

God damn - check out the incredible booty on skinny young coed Mya! She's a real beauty, with a face that would look at home in any fashion magazine she is also rather skinny, with a small chest. However, her big ass is completely out of proportion with the rest of her body - it's huge, and extremely fuckable! She is quite shy, especially when she is confronted with the huge black cock of ebony stud Rico Strong. She struggles to deepthroat, so Rico just bends her over and starts pumping her hard from the back, making her screw up her face in a mix of pain and pleasure as the large dick hits all of her secret inner wet spots.

Delicious Aurora Jolie Taking a Double Black Dong Dicking

Duration: 28m, 2s, Starring Aurora Jolie, Jean-Claude Batiste, Rico Strong

(2223 Votes)

Aurora Jolie knows that she's going to be in some big trouble when Jean-Claude Bastiste and Rico Strong are coming to visit. They get her out of the pool and inside the house, where they're going to make sure that she's well taken care of. She's going to be moaning and squirming under their dicks in no time, and that leaves her ready to try to take on every last inch. She doesn't know whether she can manage it, but she's going to do her best to try before she starts screaming in sheer pleasure and pain.

Pinky Sits Down Hard On A Huge Black Cock

Duration: 28m, 50s, Starring Pinky, Rico Strong

(4240 Votes)

Pinky, as you might expect, has a mess of wild pink hair and a wicked smile on her face as she gets herself ready to take on Rico Strong. Her lovely pussy is black as can be and ready for a hot time, and she's going to impale herself back on that monster cock as soon as she pulls off her pants. She knows that she's going to be catching his attention right away. He drives that dick in as deep as possible, making her jump and moan as it works deeper and deeper. She's going to be losing her mind in pleasure as it overwhelms her.

Chocolate Star's Ebony Ass Is Just Begging For A Good Fucking

Duration: 29m, 25s, Starring Chocolate Star, Ethan Hunt

(264 Votes)

Now this is one fine motherfucking booty! Dark skinned babe Chocolate Star has got a juicy ass that is just begging to get split open and fucked! It's not obese, but it is perfectly shaped, with firm and springy buttocks that any man would want to hit. She kicks off the clip giving stud Ethan Hunt a sloppy cocksucking, getting him nice and slippery so that the dick will slide straight in to her tight black cunt. Ethan ends up tapping her from the back, holding her firmly by the hips while she moans in to the mattress. The sticky cumshot goes all over that delicious black backside, dribbling back down and over her pussy lips once again.

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