Voluptuous Slut Lola Lane Takes A Surprise Pussy Creampie

Duration: 22m, 8s, Starring Lola Lane, Vin Turner

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Lola Lane is in for a real treat today! She flaunts her hot body in her fishnet bodystocking in front of stud Vin Turner, who can barely control the blazing erection in his pants at the sight of those voluptuous ebony curves. He pushes Lola back on the sofa, ripping a hole in the crotch of her bodystocking and tonguing her shaved snatch until she is squealing. Then he slides straight inside, fucking the voluptuous bitch hard and fast and making those enormous titties shake back and forth. Vin can't keep his eyes off those boobies, squeezing them as he continues to thrust - and he's so distracted that he spunks right inside Lola's pussy!

Big Tits And Ass Dark Beauty Sucks And Fucks Big Dick

Duration: 20m, 52s, Starring Laylanie, Carlton Banks

(969 Votes)

Laylanie has put a leash on her dreams. She doesn't want them getting away from her, so when she meets Carlton Banks and he makes a few moves on her she isn't surprised that she starts to dream about him in the bedroom right after that. She has control over the dreams though, and as they begin she can guide how they go. His sudden arrival in her room and the make out session, then the blowjob that follows and how good she is at it before he goes down on her just long enough to get her ready to fuck.

Sexy Thick Ebony Dimples Sucks And Fucks Black Guy

Duration: 22m, 46s, Starring Dimples, Byron Long

(2051 Votes)

At her roots, Dimples is a whore. She's taken other jobs and she's excelled at them. She's a smart woman with a lot to give, but she never enjoys anything as much as getting paid to fuck. It's the one thing she loves to do more than anything and getting paid to do what you love is what life is all about. So rather than try to shy away from her old profession, the oldest as some people say, she invites her old clients to drop by and give her another whirl when they're thinking about her and her massive ass.

Big Booty Black Bitch Gets Fucked From Behind

Duration: 16m, 54s, Starring Kim Eternity, Devlin Weed

(876 Votes)

Kim Eternity is busy getting her dance on, when Devlin Weed notices how many men are watching her. She's the belle of the ball and he wants to take her home and make her the belle of his balls. So when the music slows down he moved in to make her his partner and while they danced, he let his cock get hard and press against her leg. That let her know where the night was heading, and at the same time let her know how much dick was in store for her later on. It made her night to know she was getting laid.

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