Lovely Black Pornstar Gets Booty Crazy

Duration: 27m, 23s, Starring Monique, John E. Depth, Mandingo

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Monique is one of those black women who have a curvy, gorgeous ass. She really loves the art of tease, having on some tight and shiny lingerie that hints and teases, but doesn't quite show it all. She shows enough to get Johnny horny as hell for that black ass of hers. She works it up and down slowly, showing how hefty that booty is, along with its bounce. Johnny is on that shit instantly, plunging his cock into it and working her all night long. By the end of the night, she is barely able to walk from the assfucking.

Monique Cums Hard On A Black Dick

Duration: 15m, 38s, Starring Mr. Marcus

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Mr. Marcus hooked up with the hot ebony goddess Monique and took her to his living room. She didn't want to wait for him so she broke out her dildo and sat down on it. He walked in and took his cock in her mouth and sucked him until he was hard then she crawled up on top of him and rode his dick. She came hard all over his cock while she rocked and ground into his thick prick. He licked her ass then shoved his hard cock into her asshole. She came again with that cock in her ass then let him blast a hot load into her hungry mouth so she could swallow it all.

Nasty Black Whores Taken Back To Crib

Duration: 21m, 23s, Starring Kelly Star, Satisfaction, John E. Depth

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Ebony pimp Johnny picks up two nasty black skanks, Satisfaction and Kelly Star, and takes them back to his crib for some fun. He immediately gets stuck into one bitch, pulling her panties off, throwing her down on the couch and slamming his cock in. He spreads her legs real wide for maximum penetration, slamming her until his big prick is tapping her servix and she's screaming for release. The other bitch is so turned on, she picks up her favorite dildo, sucking it like a cock to get it wet. She sticks it up her moist ass while she watches, rubbing her erect clit. Both bitches share the final messy facial cum shower.

Black Lesbian Sluts Nasty Strapon Party

Duration: 20m, 31s, Starring India, Lacey Duvalle

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Experienced ebony sluts Indian and Lacey Duvalle are pitted against one another in this lesbian battle to the death. The girls strip off, eying up each others' tight bodies hungrily, tonguing each other all over. Lacey sticks her ass up in the air and India keenly dives in, licking at her dripping snatch and tight asshole. Lacey lies down so India can have better access to her inner most gash. India dons a strapon, sliding it into Lacey's pussy; but then it's India's turn for pleasure, as Lacey slides a wide dildo into both her pussy and ass, making her scream and climax. India finishes off Lacey with some rapid fire tongue action.

A Sexy Black Girl Attacked By Big Dick

Duration: 17m, 41s, Starring Kitten, Lady Rayne, Monique Moore, Dwayne Cummings, John E. Depth

(577 Votes)

Monique Moore was sitting outside by the pool fingering her pussy and letting her nice big tits soak up some sun when Johnny and Dwayne showed up, pulled their cocks out and shoved them in her mouth. She sucked them both then took them inside to her room. Once inside she attacked their cocks like a rabid wolverine. She took one deep in her ass while gagging on another's cock then laid back and let the guys swap spots. One of the guys fucked her pussy and made her scream as she came. She sucked her pussy and ass juices off both cocks then swallowed both hot loads.

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