Sexy Streetwalker Sucks Jailer's Prick

Duration: 10m, 47s, Starring

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This nasty black streetwalker has been pulled in by the law for solicitation, and finds herself languishing overnight in a police cell. Fortunately for her, her jailer is an enlightened cop who doesn't see the point in clogging up the legal system with misdemeanors, and he offers her a choice: either she can stay in the cells and go to court in the morning, or she can give him a nice blowjob and be on her way. She eagerly take the second option - it's her third strike! He lets himself into the cell, appreciating her tight body in her bra and fishnets, and she gets on her knees and rapidly sucks his hard prick down to the very bottom.

Black Hottie Takes Big Dick Deepthroat

Duration: 11m, 47s, Starring Angel Eyes, Ayana Angel

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Ayana Angel might look like a sweet black chick, but she just so happens to be able to suck down a dick like no other chick you have ever seen. She will take it all the way down her throat without choking once. Even a big black dick, which is what she happens to be sucking on today. She really goes to town on it, staring up at the camera and licking, slurping, and sucking on that dick until he finally just cums in her face. She really seems to enjoy it as well, rubbing in the cum and licking it off of her fingers.

Hot Ebony Chick Giving Deepthroat

Duration: 12m, 1s, Starring Tracy Mathis, Sledge Hammer

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Sledge Hammer might have one hell of a cock, but that's nothing to this horny black chick. She will gobble that shit down in two seconds and keep on going. She works her head up and down this cock, her mouth slicking him down and her tongue driving him crazy. He keeps on grunting and groaning as she sucks as hard as she possibly can. That dick is thick as fuck and she just keeps giving it her all in slurping it down. I do have to say that I'm impressed she can go quite that deep. I want this chick at my place for sure.

A modeling job turns into a cocksucking exibition.

Duration: 6m, 58s, Starring

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This hot black girl loves modeling and showing off her curvy frame and nice round ass. She strutted around in her tight red dress and showed off her body then she walked over the photographer, went to her knees and started sucking his cock. He was surprised, but wasn't about to tell her to stop because this girl's mouth felt so good. This girl knows how to suck cock and has been told her mouth is actually better than her pussy. She worked that dick until he was rock solid then she kept sucking until he emptied his hot load all over her face. I think she will be called back for another shoot.

Sexy Ebony Beauty Gives A Awesome Blowjob

Duration: 13m, 32s, Starring

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She's got the moves, but does she have what it takes to take the whole cock down her throat. Today it's her turn to find out if she's going to be the next great cock swallower or if she's just going to be another dumb slut with no other skills. She's on her knees in a flash to take the monster cock in her mouth, and after the head passes her lips, and that helmet is glistening with saliva, she leans back to give it a gander before wriggling the whole thing down into her throat and gargling it in the back.

Sexy Black Slut Sucks Waiter's Big Cock

Duration: 10m, 35s, Starring Chocolate Stallion, Unique LaSage

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What the hell is up with these black sluts? They'll suck any dick, any where, any time - just show them a hardened penis and they'll start chowing down! In this clip, this horny black bitch is waiting to order in a cafe when the waiter walks up and propositions her. She looks around to see if anyone else is watching - luckily, there's no one else in the restaurant - and then gets on her knees and unzips his pants. Lifting up her skirt to reveal her nice round tits and shaved clam - which she starts to finger - she sucks his big dick right down to the base, reveling in the musky scent of his cock and balls in her face while she blows him.

Black Babe in POV Deepthroat Scene

Duration: 11m, 40s, Starring Chastity

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Chastity could not have been more inappropriately named if she tried. Today this amateur black beauty is going to test out her deepthroat skills in a POV video, and well - you just have to see this one for yourself. She is more than marvelous at giving head, and doesn't gag once when it hits the back of her throat. It's not like she's sucking some tiny cock either. This dude was hung as shit, but she still took it down like it wasn't a damn thing. Now that's what I call a dedicated black girl right there.

Sexy Black Bitch Sucks Big Dick To Base

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A well hung black pimp is feeling in need of some quick oral satisfaction, so he calls over one of his bitches to his crib to suck his dick. She's all smiles when she turns up, but he wastes no time in telling her to strip and get down on her knees. She's got a hot body - medium sized boobies, but a great big ass that wants to be fucked, and nice cocksucking lips that look like they'd be perfect for swallowing your load! She sucks his cock like a pro, looking sexily up into the camera while she works more and more of the shaft into her throat, until she's choking on the cock right down to the base before she takes a sticky facial cum bath.

Black Slut Blows Dude In Filthy Alley

Duration: 8m, 12s, Starring Cherry

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Nasty black cock sucking whore Cherry sucks an anonymous black guy's cock in a filthy alley in this hardcore blow job vid. The black bitch gets straight down on her knees and squats in front of the big dick fucker, looking submissively up into his eyes as she deep throats his big pole. Gripping the base with one hand, she teases the head of his penis with her tongue before she gobbles the whole shaft and licks the underside of his balls. The cum crazed whore is desperate for the feeling of him shooting his spunk down the back of her throat, and furiously pumps his rod until he fills her mouth up with his jizz.

Spunky Black Cocksucker Giving Head

Duration: 10m, 59s, Starring

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This girl has the secrets to a good rimjob. She takes that cock in her hands and slobs all over it. She licks the dome and tongue tickles every inch of this pecker. This beauty works the shaft with her hands while polishing the knob. She spits and slobs all over it. the longer she works this cock, the harder it gets. She is a talented cock sucker that loves to show off her skill. When she whacks it off a bit, she does it fast and furiously. She keeps smoking this pole deeper and deeper down her throat being sure to hit at all angles possible. A work of art like this earns this girl a creamy reward that she gets to her chin

A Girl Is Hard At Work Giving Blowjobs

Duration: 10m, 51s, Starring Stacey Cash

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A hot ebony chick is at work when a man approaches her and asks her what the special of the day is. Luckily for him, blowjobs are the special of the day. So she eagerly gets down on her knees and starts sucking on his big black soul pole. She struggles to get his his big fat cock in her mouth and she takes it all the way balls in. Then she sucks on his balls while stroking him off at the same time. She's got her lips wrapped firmly all the way around his cock to form a tight seal as she bobs her head up and down. Then the ebony princess gets nude so he can enjoy her titties while she's sucking on his dick and then he cums in her mouth.

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