Ebony Maid Gives Special Desert To Boss

Duration: 22m, 50s, Starring Wendy Day, Byron Long

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Wendy Day is one sexy ass maid. She goes the extra mile for Byron too. She strips down and has her tits licked and sucked. She gets her pussy licked and finger fucked and soon she is giving him head. She bobs up and down his knob, taking in his entire shaft. Soon she mounts him for a reverse cowgirl ride. Her tits jiggle and he squeezes them while she bounces on his member. He flips her on her back and pounds into her some more. When she bends over for doggystyle her round booty bumping against his thighs adds the pleasure. This is one session that is hard to ignore. She gets her cumshot to the chin when he blows his load.

Sexy Black Maid Fucks Naughty Boss

Duration: 21m, 7s, Starring Skyy Black, Chris Dano

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Chris sees his black maid Skyy after a tough day at work. She sees he needs to relax and she sits back and lets her boss Chris go to town on her. She gives him head. This girl is bobbing her head around so that she can get the cock in at all angles. But it's her pussy that really wants to get banged and she starts riding him. They switch positions and he just keeps fucking her harder and harder. This girl needs his offer. She bends over for doggystyle and every other position that will help his wang get deeper and deeper inside of her. She sucks him off again and when he blows his load, she gets cumshot to the eye.

Ebony Maid Gives Full Service To Boss

Duration: 13m, 29s, Starring Tracy Mathis, Byron Long

(1518 Votes)

Tracy Mathis arrives to clean a building that she was hired for. Byron agrees to show her around. The tour ends up being quite short because soon she is giving him head. She slurps and slobs all over his cock. This girl doesn't hesitate to let him know that she is willing to do anything he wants her to as part of her services. She deepthroats him and then starts riding him. He flips this French maid over and shows her what he's willing to do for her too. He pounds her pussy deep and hard. She loves this new job and can't wait to get his dick back down her throat. She keeps sucking him off until he blows his load. She swallows!

Kinky Black Maid Fucking Her Boss

Duration: 21m, 47s, Starring Ayana Angel, Guy DaSilva

(1398 Votes)

Ayana is one full service maid. When her boss Guy feels her up, she goes along with it after a small amount of reluctance. He licks her nipples and rubs all over her until she goes down on him. She kisses his nutsack and licks his knob. She takes his entire shaft down her throat and then lays back so he can return the favor. He licks her cunt and fingers her before he starts fucking her. Her legs are spread wide open while he bangs her and she is loving it. She gets his pecker pumping her from behind and she moans and yells with each thrust. Ayana lays back and lets him mouth bang her till he lets his load loose on her chin.

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