Thick Black Ass vs Big Black Dick

Duration: 24m, 29s, Starring Vanity Cruz, Rock

(1066 Votes)

The ebony babe Vanity Cruz has on a hot little red bra and panties with fishnet thigh high stockings when Rock walks in. She gives him a little lap dance shaking her jiggly black butt. He quickly gets her naked and bends her over to get a look at the merchandise. Rock kisses and licks her ass while fingering her clit and pussy, when he slaps that ass you can see the wave ripple through Vanity Cruz's booty. He whips out his big black dick and she spits all over it, spreading her saliva down his cock with her hand. She climbs on top of him backwards so she can easy access to her clit and tits.

Thick Black Slut Creamed On Her Fat Ass

Duration: 24m, 27s, Starring Queen B, J Stokes

(1004 Votes)

Young black buck J Stokes picks up thick black beauty Queen B and takes her back to his crib. She is impressed as soon as she gets in the door, not expecting this young guy to own a mansion! She strips off, showing her curvaceous body self-consciously and then getting on her knees to suckle on her man's semi erect penis. Once he is rock hard, she pushes him back onto the couch, thrusting her full breasts into her man's face while she lowers her tight pussy down on his cock. Despite her curves, Queen B certainly has an extremely tight minge and gets her man off good. He pulls out at the last minute and shoots his load all over that black ass.

Huge Assed Chick Gets In Pussy And Ass

Duration: 14m, 10s, Starring Sensious, Nathan Threat

(2752 Votes)

Sensious is this chicks name and she has a huge ass. She joins a guy intent on distracting him with her assets. He soon pulls her one piece outfit down past her ass to start fingering her. She then takes his already hard dick into her mouth. Her ass is huge and he can't get enough of it. They soon start fucking and he keeps feeling her ass up. Then she flips around and rides him backwards. She rides him for a while then he gets on top and starts fucking her in the ass. She loves every minute of it. He then pulls out and finishes off by dropping his huge load of cum into and on her mouth which she gladly sucks up and wears.

Huge Assed Chick Takes Huge Black Cock

Duration: 27m, 52s, Starring Shai, Rock

(7005 Votes)

We start of with Shai who is already with a guy and starts getting up and stroking herself while he looks her over. Pretty soon her huge tits come out of her shirt while she struts around for him. Then Her shirt and underwear come off and her huge ass is exposed. She then lays down on the guy and starts fingering herself. He then gets up and takes off his pants to expose his already hard dick. Se gives him a blow job for a while before he starts fucking her eager pussy. She fingers herself while his huge dick slides into her. She rides him for a while then bends over to do it doggy style. He fucks her for a while then finishes in her mouth.

Large Co-Ed Gets Fucked Many Ways By Guy

Duration: 27m, 26s, Starring Tiffany Stacks, Nathan Threat

(2969 Votes)

We start off with a guy who is soon joined by Tiffany. A cute, if slightly chunky co-ed. She almost immediately takes off her dress for the guy. They then start making out and soon her underwear comes off as well as her bra. Pretty soon the guy is playing with her tits and quickly his pants come off and she starts sucking his dick. She gives him a blow job for a while then sits on his face so that he can eat her out. After a while she starts riding his large hard cock and takes it all into her pussy several times over. They switch positions often before he pulls out after doing missionary and shooting his load into her mouth.

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