Hot Black Chick Gets It In Both Holes

Duration: 20m, 2s, Starring Mini Pipes, Devlin Weed

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We are greeted by Mini a cute black chick and a guy. The sit and chat for a while before he pulls out his dick and she eagerly starts sucking on it. She then strips down to expose a nice round ass and starts sucking on his large dick again, playing with his balls with her mouth while doing so. This chick takes his dick like a pro for a good long while. She then is just laying on the couch masturbating for a minute, sticking her fingers in and out of her pussy before she hops on top of his long hard rod and starts riding it with her soaking pussy. She rides his dick good and hard before he flips her over to fuck her doggy style.

Big Ass Young Bitch Fucked In The Subway

Duration: 20m, 34s, Starring Beauty Dior, Julian St. Jox

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Big dick black porn stud Julian St Fox is hanging down in the subway tunnel one night, when he hears the exquisite knocking of high heels on the cement just around the corner. He sees a timid young black girl walk past, obviously new to the game or else she wouldn't be walking down here alone. He reaches out and grabs the young whore, roughly manhandling her back to his hideout. Throwing her down on the couch, he spanks her ass once, twice, three times - and every time his palm hits that bottom he feels the resistance of his victim lessen. By the end of the clip, this nubile black whore is bouncing up and down on his big black dick.

Stacked Black Bitches Suck A Huge Boner

Duration: 20m, 24s, Starring Brandi, Jenna Brooks, Devlin Weed

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Lucky black stud Devlin Weed fucks ebony sex pots Jenna Brooks and Brandi in this hot threesome. He orders the girls to lick and suck each others' pussies in an introductory lesbian show before he feeds them his thick prick. These horny black sluts are fighting to get some of that sweet chocolate penis in their mouths. One girl rides the dick, and then her friend, wanting to out do her fuck buddy, takes it in the ass. This opens the floodgates and there is hardcore pussy and ass fucking for the whole afternoon. Finally Devlin can't pound these bitches anymore, unleashing a huge torrent of semen over his girls' big breasts.

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