Phat Ebony Ass Bouncing in Hardcore

Duration: 25m, 18s, Starring Ryder Cummings, Devlin Weed

(906 Votes)

Although Ryder Cummings' ass doesn't get fucked, it doesn't need to in order to impress you. It's a properly thick ebony ass, with just the right amount of bounce to make you want to keep on slapping it to see how long it will bounce around. I know I would totally start wailing in that thing to see if she just starts moaning uncontrollably. Devlin Weed has much the same idea in mind, although he really should have fucked her in a different position than the reverse cowgirl - he's hogging all that ass to himself.

Sweet Chocolate Pussy Getting Big Dong

Duration: 22m, 12s, Starring Kianna Jayde, Julian St. Jox

(689 Votes)

Kianna Jayde wants to show you something - it's her chocolate ass, and it is fucking incredible. She just bounces it all over for the camera guy at the start of this sex romp, and there is nothing on her that can really compare to how impressive it is. Julian St. Jox is a fine connoisseur of black ass, and he takes full advantage of this amateur's uninhibited nature. She spreads out her pussy for him, a clit ring beckoning him to just slam his giant dong into her and keep on going until she is moaning and gasping for air.

Black Chick with Huge Nipples Fucked

Duration: 20m, 30s, Starring Brandi, Devlin Weed

(1749 Votes)

Brandi has the biggest nipples that I have ever seen - although the focus is in her ass, those nipples engulf the entire ends of her tits. I don't know about you, but nipples like that are a hell of a lot more rare than seeing a phat ass. Not that her booty isn't nice, it's just not the forefront of things right now. Devlin Weed especially enjoys seeing women as unusual as this - and he makes sure that he shows her such a damn good time with his big black dong that she is not going to be able to resist riding his dick for the rest of her life.

Chubby Black Chick Love Big Dong

Duration: 18m, 20s, Starring Jessica Allbutt, Tony Eveready

(675 Votes)

Jessica Allbutt has one of the most awesome porn names in the world, mostly because it's true. Now she does have a bit of meat on her bones, but that is easily overlooked - and if you are tired of seeing stick thin bitches in porn, then you are especially going to love with Jessica's got cooking. Tony Eveready isn't picky - as long as there is a thick ebony booty just waiting to be bounced around during sex, then he is going to go ahead and enjoy everything that she is doing, starting with the blowjob and ending with the sex.

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