Aurora Is the Sexiest Nurse Around

Duration: 21m, 11s, Starring Aurora, Wesley Pipes

(218 Votes)

Aurora is a gorgeous black amateur who happens to like to nurse big dick men back to health, and today Wesley Pipes is going to be her patient. She's dressed in a quite sexy nurse's outfit that doesn't leave much to the imagination, but she can't contain herself once she sees Wesley. She just wants to gobble down his dick and make sure that she tastes the entire length of his cock, and then she eager awaits for it to be worked into her pussy. She's a very intense kind of ebony babe who makes sure everyone is satisfied once she's done.

Brown Sugar is the Hottest Nurse Around

Duration: 21m, 52s, Starring Brown Sugar, Devlin Weed

(1109 Votes)

Brown Sugar is one of those black babes that you just wish would always be around, because they are damn hot. Today she's even hotter because she's going with the naughty nurse motif, and she's wanting to nurse Devlin Weed back to health. She starts things off with a pretty legitimate checkup, but things quickly go from helping to horniness. She pulls off her nurse's outfit and reveals her perfect body, making sure to let those natural black tits bounce right out at Devlin. She's as horny as can be, and heals him with her sexual healing.

Elektra is the Perfect Naughty Nurse

Duration: 19m, 47s, Starring Elektra, Dwayne Cummings

(382 Votes)

Elektra is a gorgeous ebony nurse who is in the mood to give her patient an experience that he won't soon forget. She comes in, all seductive and ready for some sexual healing. You aren't going to hear a complaint from Dwayne Cummings, because a naughty black nurse is one of his most wished for dreams. She is a rather striking figure, and one that you won't soon forget once she starts going down on Dwayne. She gets more and more intense as she goes all the way down on that dick, making sure that she gobbles it all down.

Fishnet Wearing Black Nurse Fucking

Duration: 19m, 19s, Starring Frankie LaRue, L.T.

(801 Votes)

You never expect to find a naughty nurse making sure that everyone is okay when you call for help, but it's certainly hot when things happen to get you a hot babe like that. Frankie LaRue might look like your typical nurse to start off with, but this hot ebony amateur wants to make the night great for L.T. She throws off her uniform and shows off her fishnet stockings, letting her ass point right at the camera. She's sucking that dick down and letting her natural black tits bounce up and down while she's having her fun.

Lady Lick Naughty Ebony Nurse

Duration: 21m, 1s, Starring Lady Lick, Dwayne Cummings, Wesley Pipes

(1399 Votes)

Lady Lick might not be the type of name that you expect your nurse to have, but when you see a nurse as hot as she, you'll realize that it would be impossible for her to have any other name. She's helping out Dwayne Cummings, massaging him all over so that he can be properly relaxed before she starts in on her special treatment. She knows that she's going to drive him wild with all that attention, so she makes sure that he's super hard before she continues. She slides her ebony pussy up and down his stiff rod, thoroughly enjoying herself.

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