The Ass On Brazilya Cries Out For A Fuck

Duration: 18m, 2s, Starring Brazilya, Santino Lee

(3416 Votes)

Despite her otherwise slender body, ebony babe Brazilya has got a big fat bootie that just can't be ignored! Especially for an ass fetishist like Santino Lee, that junk is completely irresistible! Brazilya strips for her man, giving him a brief blow job, but Santino is intent on pounding her from the back. Most of the fucking happens on the floor as Santino positions Brazilya just how he likes her - on her hands and knees with her ass pointing towards the ceiling! There are some fantastic close-ups, viewed from the rear end, as Santino mounts Brazilya and screws her like some kind of wild beast. She gets a super loud fucking!

Cindy Spice Makes Her Black Ass Jiggle

Duration: 17m, 12s, Starring Cindy Spice, Santino Lee

(1797 Votes)

The focus in this one is all about the ass! Voluptuous honey Cindy Spice has got the kind of butt that only a black woman can have; and she certainly knows how to work it! Stud Santino Lee focuses the camera on her beautiful bottom as she jiggles it back and forth in reggaeton style. She struts right over to the bed, getting down on her hands and knees and continuing to make her buttocks shake. Santino just slides in from behind, tapping that phat ass in doggy! Cindy turns out to be an aggressive slut, pushing her man down onto his back and jerking her ass up and down on his straining black cock. What a whore - she's desperate for jizz!

Lola Lane Pounded In Her Fantastic Ass

Duration: 18m, 6s, Starring Lola Lane, Santino Lee

(2197 Votes)

Huge booty black babe Lola Lane is so fucking sexy that porn stud Santino Lee doesn't even manage to get her into the bedroom - he has to screw her right there in the lounge! Lola has got the kind of body that would get any black stud rock hard, with an enormous, slightly sagging pair of natural tits and a massive posterior. Santino sits back as the whore grips his dick firmly by the base, licking it all over and then swallowing as much as she can. Then Santino roughly pushes her down in doggy, with Lola burying her face in the sofa cushions as Santino drills her tight black poon. A spectacular facial finishes this ebony fuck scene.

Stripper Sammura Slobbers On Thick Meat

Duration: 29m, 58s, Starring Sammura Shane, Santino Lee

(1621 Votes)

Nasty black stripper Sammura Shane turns up to the apartment of porn producer Santino Lee still wearing her stripper uniform. It consists of an extremely skimpy bra that makes her big boobs threaten to spring free at any moment. On the bottom half, Sammura is wearing a tiny tartan schoolgirl skirt that barely covers her huge black ass! While Santino trains the camera on her perfect body, the filthy slut dances for him and then leads him by the hand to the bedroom, intent on getting a mouthful of unprotected black cock. The stripper harlot has got superb oral skills - just look at the way that she slobbers all over that thick meat!

Big Booty Bitch Caramel Drilled Good

Duration: 26m, 26s, Starring Caramel, Santino Lee

(2215 Votes)

This all ebony ass worship and doggy-style sex video is filmed in a POV, amateur style that is sure to make you horny. Porn producer Santino Lee holds the camcorder as big booty black babe Caramel dances in front of him. The setting is a cheap apartment - it definitely makes Caramel look like a real gutter whore! Then Santino sits on the edge of the bed as Caramel crawls towards him, given him a hot cock-sucking and cradling the balls with one hand. Then Santino pushes Caramel face down on the bed, roughly spreading her legs with his knees and ramming his thick black cock home. This big booty bitch is going to get fucked real good!

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