Xtacy's Pink Punany Gets a Workout

Duration: 13m, 51s, Starring Xtacy, David Steele

(335 Votes)

He can hardly keep his dick from bursting out of his jeans when Xtacy swivels in in her purple see through dress Her big brown nipples are pushing at the material and he immediately latches onto them sucking and biting them through the siky material. Xtacy wants to do a little sucking and biting of her own, and he feeds her his heavy hardon inch by inch until she's swallowed it all. She works the head with her tongue until he's about ready to burst. He cools down a little by stroking her juicy pink punany before popping his pole into her and screwing her to the bed. He barely pulls out in time to stoke off his load into her mouth.

Sexy Black Bitch Gets Some White Cock

Duration: 13m, 18s, Starring Braziia, Blake Palmer

(818 Votes)

A dark-skinned black beauty sits back on her bed as her horny man licks her pert natural tits and erect nipples. She returns the favor by sucking his hard cock, noisily slurping on his dick like it was a lolly pop. She climbs on top to bounce her bald pussy on his rod reverse cowgirl, and she gets on her hands and knees to get fucked doggy style. He holds onto her hips and she bucks back against him to meet his every thrust. He lays her back to give it to her missionary, and he finally blows his load all over her breasts.

Supremacy And Her Backup Boyfriend

Duration: 13m, 26s, Starring Supremacy

(293 Votes)

Supremacy is tired of waiting to get fucked, she is going to take matters into her own hands. She starts by stroking her perfectly shaped small tits with their hard nipples. She strokes down her body and sinks her fingers between her meaty snatch lips. She brings her fingers back up to her mouth so that she can taste her own juices and then goes back to teasing her hard little nub of a clit. She squeezes and pinches it and jacks it like the little dick it is. Her twat is good and wet now so she brings out her backup boyfriends, her vibrator. She turns it on and masturbates with it until she gushes cum.

Black Sorority Sisters Lick Some Beaver

Duration: 15m, Starring Extacy, Supremacy

(522 Votes)

Supremacy and Xtacy love dick, but sometimes they really love getting some of that black pussy. One night while everyone was downstairs partying these two went to Supremacy's room, got naked and got some toys out. They licked each other and did a little 69ing before using the toys out and working those wet pussies like they were doing some road construction. These two took turns getting each other off then they broke out the double ended toy and shared it, pressing clit to clit and grinding into each other until they both came at the same time.

She Gets Fucked In Her Sorority House

Duration: 15m, 37s, Starring Sirena Lewis, Claudio

(686 Votes)

While all of her sorority girls were at a party Sirena Lewis decided to seduce of having the entire house to herself. She had Claudio come over and met him at the door nude. He wasted no time getting his fingers wet as finger banged her right on the couch. He licked her pussy until she was soaking wet then had her get up on top of him and sink down on that hard dick. She rode it fast, grinding her hips to make his hard cock hit her right in the g-spot and send her over the edge. When he was read to cum, like a good sorority slut, she used her hands and mouth to milk ever drop of jizz out of his balls.

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