Joradn Raines Rolls Her Ass Over Cock

Duration: 25m, 46s, Starring Jordan Raines, Lee Bang

(10140 Votes)

When your panties can't stay put because your ass is so hungry that it eats them up, you know you are a bootylicious babe and Jordan Raines has the dimples to prove it. She has more than handful of boobs and a jiggling heart shaped ass. Lee Bang is ready to make that Texan ba dunk bounce but needs a little encouragement first. She kneels in front of him and uses her warm mouth and wet tongue to stiffen his member to new lengths. He starts by mounting her from behind, gripping her hips and slipping into her tight twat.

Jessica Allbutt Shakes Her Rump

Duration: 35m, 31s, Starring Jessica Allbutt, Justin Long

(3533 Votes)

With a name like Jessica Allbutt you have to expect to be shaped like a pear, wider in the hips than you are in the tits. This ebony seductress uses her best ass-et to draw men in, once they are in her clutches she shows them all the ways her booty can move and shake. Justin Long is happy to have some meat to grab on to and a deep crack to get freaky with. Jessica can hand the thick meat and shows how easy it is for her to swallow and please. He bends her over and eases her tight cunt open with his giant boner making her cry out in joy.

Divine Booty Gets Cream Filled

Duration: 36m, 26s, Starring Mone Divine, Jean-Claude Batiste

(3599 Votes)

With smooth caramel colored skin and a chunky round ass Mone Divine is eager to please. She can clap her cheeks together and enjoys a little spanking to her juicy ass. She is no stranger to the porn world and is always willing to flash her goods for the camera. She crawls towards the waiting boner grips it in her fist and yanks it into her hot mouth, working it all the way down her throat. Jean-Claude gives her bald lips a kiss before diving in and banging her like a horny dog until she cums all over his stick.

Envy's Big Butt Makes Men Drool

Duration: 30m, 52s, Starring Envy, Lee Bang

(3495 Votes)

Envy lives up to her name and makes all the girls jealous and the men want to cream with her enormous badunkadunk. When she starts to shake and make it clap you can ride that wave all night long. This newcomer to the business is proud to show off her back end. Lee Bang loves a thick girl with lots booty so he can bury his face in that giant crevice. She uses her cock sucking lips to lube up his member getting it dripping wet with saliva so that it slides easily between her cheeks. Her ass rolls with each thrust of his boner.

Bootylicious Mya Has Jiz on Her Ass

Duration: 36m, 42s, Starring Mya, Mya G., Lee Bang

(7244 Votes)

If you're looking for a girl with all the right curves then Mya is the chick for you. With a seriously round wide bottom, she has plenty of cushion for the hardest of pushing. 47 inches of pure delight to go with her very pretty face. When Lee Bang sees that ass he is eager to cop a feel a smother his face between her cheeks. She leans forward, keeping her ass in his view to take his hard cock into her warm wet mouth and slide it all the way down her throat. When he plunges into her juicy pussy, he grips her ass for purchase as he thrusts hard and fast.

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