Three Guys Run A Train On Stacey Cash

Duration: 36m, 48s, Starring Stacey Cash, Brock Adams, Jay Scorpio, Jon Jon, Rico Strong

(561 Votes)

There's nothing that works better as a male bonding experience than getting a bunch of your boys together and hitting some bitch train style! Young black ho Stacey Cash wants as much penis as she can manage to get, and she doesn't mind what hole gets used by these big dick fuckers! Studs Jon Jon, Brock Adams and Jay Scorpio are here to do the damage on this ho's tight pussy and butt hole! One memorable scene at the beginning of the action is when Stacey has her back arched and her throat extended, swallowing one dick while she jerks the other two men standing to either side of her. These guys take turns using all her tender holes.

Kianna Loves A Sticky Pussy Creampie

Duration: 26m, 3s, Starring Kianna Jayde, Ace

(473 Votes)

This horny black tart, sexy cocksucker Kianna Jayde, loves her dicks big - but she's never seen one as large as that possessed by well hung stud Ace! This guy has a truly monstrous cock, and it looks almost obscene as it fills up Kianna's tiny mouth. She gags and chokes on the prick, valiantly trying to swallow as much as she can - but it's just too big! Ace has to content himself with fucking her black pussy until it is gaping wide open. He's got real stamina and gives Kianna a really energetic fucking, violently pumping a hot and sticky load of his creamy white spunk in to her wet fuck hole. She loves her dirty creampie!

Ebony Ho Mina Gets A Pussy Load Of Spunk

Duration: 23m, 8s, Starring Mina Scarlett, Ace

(272 Votes)

Black slut Mina Scarlett is desperate for two dicks inside her tender cunt hole! She wants that dick bad, dressing up especially slutty for her men in a fluorescent pink fishnet body suit that only serves to accentuate her curves. It doesn't take much to provoke these two big cocks studs, and soon Mina is on all fours on the couch, one dick in her mouth while the other gentleman licks her pussy. She gets it hard and fast from both studs, with each man giving her a good drilling and spunking in her pussy. By the end of the clip, Mina's pussy is dripping with a veritable river of hot and creamy love juice which dribbles down her thigh.

Two Huge Cocks Cream Big Black Pussy

Duration: 27m, 32s, Starring Kim Pleasures, Ace, Jean-Claude Batiste

(391 Votes)

Jean-Claude Batiste and Ace are already hard as Kim Pleasures shows us her big black pussy. Ace is first to get his cock sucked. Alternating between the two she takes them both deep into her open mouth. The studs take turns sliding their swollen swords past her pussy lips deep into her womanhood.Riding Jon Jon she slips her wet cunt onto his slippery dick. Switching over to Ace his shaft pushes deep into her snatch. On her back Jean-Claude slams her wet pussy while Ace fucks her mouth. Letting his load go in her cunt she continues to prep Aces shaft with her mouth. Pushing slowly past her wet cunt Ace now blows his load on her snatch.

Black Booty Pounded By Two Black Cocks

Duration: 40m, 4s, Starring Suckable, Brock Adams, Jon Jon

(381 Votes)

Meet Suckable, a voluptuous black woman who loves to bounce her booty. Ready, she starts on Brock Adam's cock while stroking Jon Jon's tool. Alternating cocks she deep throats them each in turn. Bending over Brock to pleasure his cock Jon Jon is the first to have at her large black pussy. Ramming his long tool deep into her womanhood she moans in pleasure. Switching she mounts Brock and he slams her pussy hard. Pounded now from behind she gasps with delight. On her back Jon Jon strokes her pussy with his swollen sword. Reaching his limit he blows his load in her pussy. Next in Line Brock pounds her from behind. He too comes but in her ass

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