Ebony With Fat Ass Gets It Tapped

Duration: 20m, 59s, Starring Pinky, Julius Ceazher

(4373 Votes)

Pinky loves to be loud when she is sucking cock so expect a lot of moaning, spitting, slurping and gagging going on. When Julius Ceazher bends her over to fuck her fat ass she screams like it is the first time her ass has been tapped. Well we know that isn't true and her ass has enough track marks on it that it would put a junkie to shame. Screaming wench even uses a dildo shoved up against her fat pussy lips because one cock just isn't enough Julius ends up cumming all over her face and in her eyes before she takes her huge wide tongue and licks him clean.

Ebony Chick With Tiny Tits Loves To Gag

Duration: 26m, 24s, Starring Kapri Styles, Julius Ceazher

(1962 Votes)

Kapri Styles is a good looking ghetto bitch that loves gagging on cocks. She shoves this cock so far down her throat that she nearly vomits and it gets dripping wet with spit. She then slurps and sucks her spit back up before she goes in again for some more vomit inducing skull fucking. When he fucks her, she doesn't even take off her top so you can barely see her tiny tits. Her main focus though is on the cock, because she keeps getting him to stop the fucking and shove it down her throat. This chick really loves to gag.

Creamy Dripping Black Slut Fucked

Duration: 18m, 6s, Starring Jada Black, Dick James

(1846 Votes)

When Jada Black takes this fat black cock in her mouth you know she was born to be a whore. Dick James knows this is what she does best in life so it's best to just let the slut go for it and suck his hard dick. Her long fake nails wrap around his dick while the spit from her mouth slings to his cock and she sucks the spit back up again before wetting her pussy with it. With her legs in the air he enters her hairy sloppy pussy and immediately starts screaming and her juice runs down her ass When it is time to cum he whips his cock out sticks it in her mouth and puts that shit down her throat where it belongs.

Black Lesbian Whores Eating Pussy

Duration: 30m, 14s, Starring Oasis Star, Stacey Cash

(2151 Votes)

Slow and easy, that is how this chick licks black pussy. She has been eating pussy a very long time and uses her expertise in being a whore to give good oral to her fellow sista. You get to see her bright pink tongue run up and down her dark click and her shoving her lips inside the lips of her pussy. With all the sucking and slurping she is doing you would think the slut was never coming up for air. When the slut finally gets her turn to have oral done she is more the screaming type that does a whole lot of wiggling around and can't stay very still. After a lunch of pussy they get out the dildos and start pussy fucking each other.

Innocent Black Chick Becomes A Star

Duration: 19m, 37s, Starring Annabelle, Julius Ceazher

(2286 Votes)

What a great pair of tits Annabelle has. They are perky and fully with nice big nipples. This black chick also has great pussy control and can contract her muscles at will which makes for very exciting sex. She also has a sweet face and isn't all whored up which helps her retain a bit of innocence. Julius Ceazher has a very nice sized black cock and he is slapping it in her face and making her suck it and promises to make her a star. When he gets her from behind she uses those well trained muscles of hers to make him go absolutely nuts.

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