Heather Diamond Spanked At Piano Lesson

Duration: 20m, 49s, Starring Heather Diamond, Charlie Mac

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Ebony stud Charlie Mac has kindly given black babe Heather Diamond a piano lesson. However, this dumb bitch hasn't been doing her lessons properly, and she keeps fucking up. Time is money to a pimp like Charlie Mac, and he can't be wasting his day with a useless bitch like this! He has to show that his pimp hand is strong, so he bends her over her piano stool and paddles her bottom until she is squealing. It is only then that Charlie feeds her his dick, first in her mouth and then in her tight cunt. He drills her doggy at first and later she climbs on top, loving the feeling of that muscular black cock as it slides inside her abdomen.

Latress Spanked On Her Fat Black Bottom

Duration: 18m, Starring Latress, Byron Long

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If you ever have problems with your woman, just observe how dreadlocked stud Byron Long handles his bitches. This guy will brook no bullshit from his sluts, and voluptuous young coed Latress is no exception! At the first sign of misbehaving, he bends her over on the bed and starts to pound on her chunky black butt. She's got tight buttocks, and the quivering of her flesh everytime that Byron's hand makes contact with her ass sets his cock on fire. Soon he's got his shaft stuck into this petite whore, drilling her like crazy and making her moan with each deep thrust of his powerful black penis. He ejaculates messily on to the coed's chin.

Uppity Whore Blinded By Real Man's Jizz

Duration: 19m, 58s, Starring Jasmine, L.T.

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Dirty young bitch Jasmine has got to learn to play by the rules! She gets dragged into the back room by shaven headed stud LT, who pulls her down onto the couch, hitches up her skirt and starts to pound her ass raw! He's got a strong pimp hand, and Jasmine is soon sobbing and begging him to stop - at which point out LT shoves his cock into her little pussy! He fucks this bitch like a maniac, pounding her roughly with her legs completely spread - that pussy is going to be gaping wide open by the time this big dick stud has finished! He spunks messily on the four eyed bitch's glasses, blinding her with his hot and creamy jizz.

Bitch Gets The Uppity Fucked Out Of Her

Duration: 20m, 23s, Starring Ashley Foxxx, Julius Ceazher

(697 Votes)

If there's one thing dominant black porn stud Julius Ceazher won't tolerate from his bitches, it's rudeness! He is busy working on this home when young coed slut Ashley Foxxx gets home, strutting around in a tiny mini skirt that basically shows her ass and talking all kinds of trash. Julius just bends her over the bench, pulls up her little skirt and starts to spank her ass raw! It's a tight butt, and Julius soon feels a stirring in his pants, so he just slides his big hard cock into that sweet coed pussy and drills the shit out of the uppity little bitch. She loves it, and soon she's begging for it rougher as he does her on the floor.

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