Sexy Interracial Sex Goes Down In The Living Room

Duration: 19m, 4s, Starring Kitten, Mark Davis

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Cupid has drawn his bow back as a powerful archer and shot out his signal of love. It's hit Kitten hard in the ass, and she has a sudden urge to be with a large white man. Her father would never approve but she doesn't care, she has to be with this Mark Davis and she has to have him now. It's not the kind of thing she's ever experienced before and she can't help but imagine it has something to do with the month of February as she has never had a yearning to be with anyone. Mark has no idea what's going on.

Ebony Slut Loves To Gets Ass Fucked By A Hard Cock

Duration: 20m, 58s, Starring Bionka, Byron Long

(1244 Votes)

Byron Long has been lost in the jungle for days now, and he can't stand it. He doesn't mind the heat, or the fact that he isn't dressed for it, but he can't stand the fact that his girl is all the way back at the resort and he has no idea where he's going. He wants to get laid, and when he comes across Bionka who says she can lead him back he's overjoyed. When she mentions the price for her to take him back is for him to fuck her right then and there, he doesn't even skip a beat, pulling his dong out.

Tony Eveready And Byron Long Bangs Busty Black Chick

Duration: 22m, 11s, Starring Tracy Mathis, Byron Long, Tony Eveready

(1385 Votes)

Tony Eveready and Byron Long are together again in this great scene with the two of them breaking in a new pussy for you all to see. Tracy Mathis has the kind of ass that can take a cock in stride. It's made to cushion the blow from even the biggest of dicks, so today she's going to test it out on two of those massive wieners and see if she can keep on keeping on. Getting naked is easy with these two horn dogs around, and suddenly she's got one of them deep in her ass as the other claims her mouth.

Devlin Weed Gets An Amazing Blowjob From Tracy Vegas

Duration: 20m, 4s, Starring Tracy Vegas, Devlin Weed

(787 Votes)

Tracy Vegas wants to show Devlin Weed a good time. He's been taking care of her for so long that it's time she showed him a little appreciation and she knows it. So she's going to give him what all men want, a blowjob. It's the least she can do for him, but it's not what he really wants from her after all. He's had blowjobs, and handjobs and all sorts of other things but he wants to fuck her proper. He wants to know what she feels like on the inside and if she's willing he'll take her right here and now.

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