Sexy Cumswalla Rides Dick And Tastes Some Jizz

Duration: 19m, 33s, Starring Cumswalla, Dwayne Cummings

(548 Votes)

Dwayne Cummings has just dropped by his old college flop house. It's still the same with guys and girls of all ages getting some rest, some studying and a lot of fucking done. It's what he misses most about college and is so happy when he sees one of his old college flames come in at the same time. They laugh about the timing and suddenly Cumswalla isn't laughing anymore as she takes her clothes off. Her eyes say why not, so Dwayne dives into her muff like it was yesterday all over again for them both.

Erika Kane Gives Devlin A Private Show Before Fucking

Duration: 23m, 6s, Starring Donna Red, Erika Kane, Devlin Weed

(741 Votes)

Erika Kane is looking to get her thick booty plowed today, and she's come over to one of her old friend's houses to see if he's got a little extra dick to lend her. She makes a joke about how big he is, and how there should be enough to go around, but all he does is smile. Devlin Weed knows his regular girl is going to kill him for this, but he can't resist such a fine ass on such a fly girl and puts his arm around her as they make out. She throws one leg over his so he can finger her pussy, and lets out a moan.

Lucky Man Byron Gets A Professional Blow Job

Duration: 16m, 12s, Starring Soleil, Byron Long

(1041 Votes)

Byron Long had a great time with the one pool partner he had the other day, but fucking her so suddenly and with nothing else on his mind he decided to drop in on one of his old friends Soleil to see if she was still all about the no-strings fucking. She was at her regular spot and the moment she saw her old friend with his massive cock already half hard she just started pulling her shirt up and smiling. He came forward and she pulled his wang out to get a good look at her old friend and partner.

Big Tits Crystal Got Big Dick From Julian

Duration: 19m, 23s, Starring Crystal Kerrington, Crystal Knight, Julian St. Jox

(963 Votes)

Crystal Knight didn't even really have much of a chance to talk to Julian St. Jox. She wanted to go over some of the mortgage information and maybe some of the other banking stuff. They also need to talk about what they're going to wear to their friend's wedding since they haven't decided on a color scheme. None of this got out of her mouth after she got back from the gym. All sweaty and tired she was about to start to chat with him but he started touching her in all the right places and she didn't care anymore.

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