Fucking Over Sluts Turns Profitable

Duration: 21m, 36s, Starring Skyy Black, Unique LaSage, Burke, Rod Fontana

(608 Votes)

Skyy is a luscious black bitch who goes to Rod Fantana and Dick Tracy for some booty cream that they are selling. She can't help but be attracted to them, so before long, she forgets all about the cream for her ass, and is all about the cream from her pussy. She gets down on her knees and alternates both their cocks in her mouth, licking and sucking them both off like they've never had before. They pull down her hot red dress, exposing her massive tits and jet black nipples. She gets her ass and pussy fucked when they double penetrate her, fucking both until they cum all over her mouth.

Beautiful Kelly Star Shows How To Work A Big Ass

Duration: 20m, 35s, Starring Kelly Star, John E. Depth

(1056 Votes)

Kelly Star was sitting at home waiting for her man to come ver but he never showed. She was all done up in some nice while stockings and one of those silk bikini sets her loves so much, but when he doesn't make it over she just feels disappointed so she changes into something more comfortable and calls her old friend John E. Depth. He can hear she's distressed a little, and offers to come over. When he gets there and finds out she's disappointed that she didn't get to fuck her man, he offers to help her out.

Ebony Slut Loves Her Pussy Filled With Black Cock

Duration: 20m, 37s, Starring Chastity, Billy Banks

(613 Votes)

Chastity was named by a woman that didn't know what her baby was going to want to do when she got older. She is the exact opposite of anything you could consider chaste. And today she's going to show you and everyone else just why that is. Billy Banks needs her at her green house where she's banged just about every one of her employees. She's fucked some so much that they've had to take time off from groin injuries. Billy is in for one hell of a ride when she takes her dress off and lets her panties drop.

Unique And Johnny Thrust Go At It Hardcore On The Couch

Duration: 19m, 10s, Starring Skyy Black, Unique, Johnny Thrust

(901 Votes)

Unique has a great looking black ass and a very tight and athletic ebony body that reminds you of a dancer. Johnny Thrust is damn lucky to have her walking in, with her booty popping and her pussy ready for an invasion. She's being all sweet and sensual at first, but her carnal desires come out sooner than later and she's taking that dick down her throat. She gets a rather naughty look in her eyes as she gets down on her hands and knees and offers up her pussy for a fuck. You don't have to ask Johnny twice, that's for sure.

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