Having Hard Sex With Chocolate Pussy At The Pool

Duration: 21m, 21s, Starring Kafe, Rick Masters

(351 Votes)

Dressed in a nice matching swim suit, Kafe is just out for a little sun. She's sure she's getting tan lines though, and her shirt is in the way so she takes it off and leaves it by the side of the pool so she can even her tan out. When Rick sees her out there, topless and smiling as she reads and enjoys the sun, he feels a stirring for her. The kind in his nether regions. She's about to get to see what a massive white pole looks like, and how best to please it if she wants to. She's so excited she's wet.

Devlin And Shadow Cat Lick And Suck Then Fuck

Duration: 20m, 24s, Starring Shadow Cat, Devlin Weed

(622 Votes)

Shadow Cat has been waiting for her man for a good twenty minutes. She figured he would have been there earlier but he must have been held up. When she hears the door close she gets into a doggy style position and waits for him to come in and find her. Devlin walks in to find a sweet ass waiting for him, and doesn't even bother saying hello. Spreading her cheeks wide he starts tonguing her asshole and fingering her pussy until he's ready to get his pants off and jam his cock in a couple of her holes.

Hard Core Fucking Of Mr Pete And Lola Lane

Duration: 17m, 55s, Starring Lola Lane, Mr. Pete

(613 Votes)

Mr. Pete was just out for a walk in the back yards of some other people when he ran across Lola Lane. She was out looking for her puppy but she just couldn't seem to find him. She wasn't really dressed for it, since she was expecting her man anytime. Dressed to fuck, and bending over near Mr. Pete she's getting ready to take a serious fucking and she doesn't even know it. Mr. Pete introduces himself and promises to find her lost pup so long as he can have a little payment up front in the form of her sweet snatch.

Kelly Reign Takes Byron Long's Big Black Cock Up The Ass

Duration: 21m, 29s, Starring Kelly Reign, Byron Long

(1361 Votes)

Kelly Reign has a thick and meaty black ass that just demands to be filled with an ebony snake. She knows that she's going to be finding one of the best and the hottest massive black dongs to take her on. Byron Long knows that she's going to be backing that ebony ass up on that dick, making sure that she takes on every single inch. He needs that length to get past her massive booty, and he's making sure that she's going to be feeling every last bit of it as he makes his way deep inside of her. She absolutely loves it.

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