Morgan Lezlee Has Phat Amateur Booty

Duration: 30m, 26s, Starring Morgan Lezlee, Ray Black

(5588 Votes)

You know that black girls have the best goddamn booties in the world, and Morgan Lezlee is just proving this every step of the way. Her ass is so damn phat that it needs its own zip code, and you'll find that she loves shaking it all over the place to show it off. Ray Black gets hard just looking at that sweet ass, and before long he has her on her knees in front of him, sucking away at that dick. She ends up climbing on top of him, shaking with every bounce of her booty. It's a great angle and she seems to be loving it.

Phat Booty Black Babe Kahfee Fucking

Duration: 29m, 51s, Starring Kahfee, Rock The Icon

(5246 Votes)

Kahfee is a gorgeous black babe that has a big ole ass that never goes wanting for attention. That ass is so phat that if you even look at it it starts its shaking. Rock The Icon is going to be doing more than just looking at that booty, that's for fucking sure. To start things off with, though, he's going to have this feisty black amateur suck his big dick. Then she wants to get that dick in between her shapely legs to pound away at her pussy. She loves that shit and has the loudest fucking orgasm that I've ever heard.

Big Black Booty of Unique LaSage

Duration: 22m, 37s, Starring Unique LaSage, Deep Threat

(1306 Votes)

Unique LaSage has that perfect big black booty that will have you whipping out your dick and going to town on it. She knows that she has a goddamn amazing ass, because she starts things off with her booty pointed right at the camera. It's big, thick, meaty, and ready for a good time. Before long Deep Threat comes along and gets her all hot and bothered, and that's when he gets to fuck her doggy style. She is loving the attention of that long, thick dick and before long she is shaking that booty in an explosive orgasm.

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