Ariel Alexis Enjoys Big Black Dick

Duration: 19m, 40s, Starring Ariel Alexis, John E. Depth

(2999 Votes)

Ariel Alexis appreciates the value of a big black dick, and when she's in the mood for a fucking she knows exactly what she needs to go for. John E. Depth has a big black dick that he's always happy to bring out, especially for someone like Ariel that knows how to deepthroat a dick that should just choke her out. She's making sure to get him nice and hard, because she wants him hard as a rock when he starts slamming that cock into her. She even titty fucks him. She takes that dick with every bit of enthusiasm that you would expect.

Sydnee Capri Gets A Black Dick Pounding

Duration: 21m, 58s, Starring Sydnee Capri, Nathan Threat

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Black on black porn is some of the hottest smut out there, especially when you have Sydnee Capri coming around. She starts off by wearing fishnet stockings, and pretty much fishnet everything. You can see every inch of skin almost, and she's not leaving much to the imagination. Nathan Threat appreciates the view, and he also appreciates the effort that she makes with the blowjob. It's one of the best head sessions that he's ever gotten, and he follows that up with a great fuck fest that leaves her quivering.

Vanessa Monet Loves Big Black Dick

Duration: 20m, 35s, Starring Vanessa Monet, Tyler Knight

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Vanessa Monet is a gorgeous black model, wearing all fishnet and high heels and generally looking amazing. She's a bit of a size queen, and judging by how seductive she is there's no wonder that she can pick and choose whoever she'd like. She crawls on the floor over to Tyler Knight, working her hands up and down his crotch. She can feel his massive dick waiting to be unleashed, and somehow she contains herself to not just rip open his pants and fling herself onto it. Instead she goes with the cock suck, then the fuck.

Aleera Flair Enjoys Massive Dicking

Duration: 27m, 43s, Starring Aleera Flair, Byron Long

(1631 Votes)

Aleera Flair is the type of girl that really enjoys wrapping her lips around a massive cock - and it's even better when she doesn't even have to say hello before she is working her mouth up and down that dick. Byron Long is certainly enjoying the attention, especially when she proves that she can deepthroat that cock. Before long he is getting himself the blowjob of his life, and he pays her back by getting that pussy so stretched out from his dick that this bitch is going to need to do kegels for a damn year.

Gen Tilly Leaps on Massive Black Dick

Duration: 19m, 27s, Starring Gen Tilly, Nat Turner, Wesley Pipes

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Gen Tilly has one of the nicest looking asses that I think I've ever seen - and you get to check it out right away when the scene starts. She is getting it shaken for the camera, with Wesley Pipes slapping and squeezing the shit out of it. She loves that rough shit, and her pussy juices are starting to drip down her legs. Before long she gets rid of her clothes and nearly tackles Wesley onto the bed. Her pussy is really starting to demand his dick, but she has to go for the blowjob first. It's only polite, you know.

Mocha Babe Choking Down Giant Black Dick

Duration: 16m, 44s, Starring Alana Lee, Mr. Marcus

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Alana Lee is a lovely mocha chick that loves herself a big dick - and today she's meeting up with Mr. Marcus to give him the blowjob of a lifetime. She has one hand down around his shaft, and her mouth is working furiously at his head. She really can't take that dick all the way down, and when she tries she is drooling like a motherfucker. Before long she stands up and lets him admire that sweet booty of hers, and then they go for an intense fucking. She moans like a motherfucker when he slides that massive cock inside of her.

Coco Pink Taking on Giant Dick

Duration: 11m, 11s, Starring Coco Pink, Wesley Pipes

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Coco Pink has a great set of black meat flaps that you'll see as soon as the scene stars. There's nothing like watching these gorgeous chocolate slut get herself worked up to take Wesley Pipes' big black dick, and she's making sure to wiggle her ass around as he slams into her. Her big natural tits rock with the big cock motion, and before long she is getting herself super close to orgasm. Wesley opens her up wider than she ever imaged, and you can tell that she's going to be walking funny before the day is out.

Nicole Richie Takes a Giant Black Dick

Duration: 11m, 19s, Starring Nicole Richie, D. Wise, Wesley Pipes

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Nicole Richie enjoys getting pounded with a massive black cock, and she's making sure to find the biggest dick around to get pounded by. There's a big smile on her face when D. Wise comes in the room to say hi, because his cock is bigger than anyone's she has ever taken before. She just wants to take that pounding day in and day out, and her phat ass is looking good when she's leaned over. There's nothing quite like watching her moan in ecstasy as the dick plunges in completely, stretching her wide open.

Black Babe Barbiee Loves Her Creampie

Duration: 12m, 20s, Starring Barbiee, Byron Long

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Slender ebony porn babe Barbiee takes an extremely long dick fucking from stud Byron Long in this black on black hardcore vid. There's no introduction, instead we just see Byron slamming perfect body Barbiee on an orange sofa. Because of the difference in skin colors - Byron has extremely dark skin whilst Barbiee is of a lighter complexion - you can clearly see Byron's massive penis sliding in and out of her bald hole. Barbiee has got a perfect bottom that only adds to the horniness of these intense close-ups. Byron doesn't stop his doggystyle slamming until he spunks right inside Barbiee's hole. She loves that sperm!

Hot Black Lesbians Have Strapon Sex

Duration: 13m, 40s, Starring Brown Sugar, Candice Nicole, Sandi Jackmon

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Brown Sugar and Sandi Jackmon are in the mood for a rather intense fucking - and by the looks of it these black lesbians are loving every last second of it. There's nothing quite like watching an ebony lesbo whipping out a strap on, especially when she's highly experienced with using it. She is pounding away at Sandi's pussy, driving it in as hard and deep as Brown Sugar wants her to. They're both still wearing lingerie, so you'll get to see them in sexy stockings pretty much the entire black lesbian fuck fest.

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